Jan · 07 · 2009

You just have to keep your eyes open to them.
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Dec · 31 · 2008

2008 is nearly past now.  A lot has happened.  Far more than could possibly be summed up in this tiny spot.  And besides, all the major news outlets are covering it at this very moment.  So I'll just touch on a few things.
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Jul · 31 · 2008

A good friend sent this to me [thanks V] and there's just too many good points here to ignore it.  The author, to my knowledge, is unknown.
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Jul · 13 · 2008

To-do, shopping, you know… lists.  Or for that matter, notes of things you don't want to forget.  We all have them, use them… don't we?  Well for those of you that do, and subsequently have a computer and printer, I recently stumbled on to a unique twist on this.
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Jun · 17 · 2008

Wow!  Take a look at this!  What an amazing photo.  Standing in front of this monster had to be totally breathtaking!  I only wish I had been there taking one of my own  🙂  I clearly live in the wrong part of the country.
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Apr · 06 · 2008

Last night one of the greatest actors of our time slipped into eternity.  At 84 Charlton Heston passed from the world of the living and into the world of legends.  So many of the all-time classics I enjoy feature his talents.  Who can picture Moses with a face that’s not Charlton’s?  Not to mention Ben Hur with the still fantastic chariot race?  In later years his occasional cameos in films would make me think “hey, wow, that’s Charlton Heston” as those appearances became less and less over time.  And so today, I pause, reflect, feel a few moments of sorrow, loss, and think “wow, Charlton Heston, that’s sad”.

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Mar · 16 · 2008

Feb · 14 · 2008

… as if I need yet another reminder.

Hope yours is good! 

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