Apr · 11 · 2016

musicA little over 6 months ago we relocated to a wonderful small town nestled in wooded hills.  4 years ago this past November was the last time I played in a worship team.  2 years ago this past September I had brain surgery to remove a tumor that had paralyzed much of my right side.  Today I’m praising GOD I am actively playing again! more »

May · 19 · 2015

As the phrase goes “all things must come to an end”.

I have come to the conclusion it is time to let go of some of my music gear.  Mostly that which I have used for playing the “big” venues such as large, outdoor stages or large rooms.  This is not to say I won’t be playing again, or in a band of some sort.  Yet as I approach 55 I am forced to accept some realities. more »

Dec · 24 · 2013

Line 6Well, maybe and maybe not.  But the company was just acquired by Yamaha [source].  I must say however that while I haven’t been a huge user of Yamaha gear, I have come in contact with it numerous times and always left the encounter with a positive impression.  Not to mention I recently upgraded my home stereo receiver to a new Yamaha and am so far pleased in so much as possible with the newer technology (analog is just much better sounding to my ears).  So, hopefully Yamaha will retain the management and creative force behind Line 6, as well as support for their older products, of which I do have one, and support thus far has been fairly solid.  We shall see.

May · 15 · 2012

Line 6Just a really quick update on this topic. After a great deal of thinking and research I’ve decided to try a Line 6 POD XT Pro that I picked up for a great price used. This serves multiple purposes, 2 of which are the need for a convincing sound at a really low volume and the obvious realization that there’s no way I can afford or justify the expense of the dream set up I’d like to have, so this hopefully will get me close.  Now for some intense programming.  ewwwww….

Jan · 25 · 2012

With the demise of the church I was heavily involved with on the worship team, I find myself at a loss.  Hmmmmm.
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Jul · 06 · 2011

Alex Lifeson's RacksOver the past month or so I’ve been listening to/rediscovering Rush again.  I became a Rush fanatic back in the 70’s shortly after they released their first album.  In the 90’s when they went into their heavy keyboard phase I lost interest but picked them back up when Vapor Trails came out, which was the powerful trio I remembered, brought up to a modern sound.  In other words, simply awesome!  So anyway, with the somewhat recent release of their documentary which I was able to get from the library I have started to renew my Rush fanaticism, getting concert DVDs and anything I can get my hands on now.  I really respect these guys.
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Mar · 10 · 2010

I mean more than bgv (background vocals).  Yeah, I really am truly thankful that I can not only hear harmonies easily but can usually sing them on key too.  There are so many who wish they could do that much.  Some postulate that it takes a better ear to do that.  I don’t know for sure, but it is fun and I’m grateful I can do it without thinking about it for the most part.  But, the greedy nature of my humanity wants more.
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Nov · 05 · 2009

A buddy of mine recently gave me a digital copy of an album I bought on vinyl in the early 1980’s and listened to a lot.  I haven’t heard it since way back when ever it was that my turntable belt snapped.  After many years it’s really good to hear it again.  At least for the first few minutes.
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