Mar · 18 · 2020

What follows are a collection of links I have found.  This is not an exhaustive list nor have I completely vetted everything here as factual.  Hopefully you will find something enlightening and different from the typical mainstream media blathering.  I’m updating as I discover something interesting and now focusing on the growing outcry of medical professionals that all seem to be agreeing on the politicization of a virus.  Please report broken links and I can post copies.

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Updated: Apr 14, 2022 11:11 am
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As I begin this post we are in the initial stages of this virus taking off here in the U.S.  Never before in my lifetime have I experienced such a thing as this which is causing the country to essentially close in every way.  The closest was 9-11, which severely impacted travel in this country, but only by air, and only for a short time.  Restaurants, bars, business, all remained open with the exception of that day and areas affected such as New York.  It did have the amazing affect of uniting us all.  This time however the political divide in this country is far too great for this most insidious and invisible enemy to accomplish that.  Worse yet the recommended “social distancing” is keeping those who can unite, apart.  This is arguably the biggest threat to this nation we’ve faced in quite some time and people are still unable to lay aside partisan political horse dung.  That is an exceptionally sad commentary on this society. more »

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