In the wake of the antifa-like demonstrations to raise awareness of racial discrimination and brutality in various locations around the country by destroying homes and businesses and killing others, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett announced Thursday that the Confederate Monument at Garfield Park will be dismantled. more »

Nov · 03 · 2009

Today is election day.  Here in Indiana most polls are closed with the exception of a few counties that have referendums on extra funding for certain school districts, and here in Marion county (a.k.a. Indianapolis) the great public health care institution Wishard Hospital is requesting funds to build new facilities to replace the aging and deteriorating one they currently have.  It seems like a no-brainer.  It is NOT.
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Apr · 02 · 2009

NO MORE NEW TAXES!  Stop raising taxes!  Do NOT bail out the CIB!  Let the kings of bailouts in DC do it.
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May · 06 · 2008

Finally!  The primary's have arrived in Indiana and not a moment too soon.
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Nov · 07 · 2007

Whether I agree with the results, or not, I'm excited to see our electoral system on a local level still works.
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Jul · 24 · 2007

Sound familiar? Remember hearing about this in history class? How the colonists in that newly settled land decided they'd had enough of the King and his cronies taxing them to the point of poverty without getting any benefit from it?
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Jun · 11 · 2007

Apparently our guv Mitch was bitten by a dog and had to get a tetanus shot! I wasn't there, but I'm guessing that much like the rest of us in the great state of Indiana, the dog had finally heard enough yammering and decided to take matters into his own… paws. Or maybe the pooch is a democrat? Of course no charges have been filed, lucky dog.

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Mar · 20 · 2007

Is Everyone Asleep In Indiana?

I just heard Jim Schellinger, as part of his announcement to run for Governor for the State of Indiana, say 'Being Governor of the state is like being the CEO of a large company'�.


Mind you, I'm no political expert, student, or advisor, and beside my own personal reading and understanding of the subject, the only formal education I have in politics is Government class in high school. However, I do have some grasp of the basic principles behind democratic government that we hold dear in this country and state.

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