Jun · 14 · 2019

Pardon this interruption of our typical posts for a rude awakening.  I started to send this article link to a few friends and realized I was writing something a bit more.

What is sickening?  Human sacrifice in the age of the enlightened, in a nation with supposed protections in place to avert such horrific things.  Ah, but people do change their minds don’t they?
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Mar · 09 · 2009

This old but still unfolding story just makes one involuntarily shake their head.
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Jan · 19 · 2009

I suppose it’s altogether fitting I write this on a day when I’m off work in honor of the memory of one of our country’s greatest civil rights proponents.  [IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are sensitive about strong opinions related to current day politics, or rather societal hot button topics, do not read this.  You have been warned.]
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Oct · 03 · 2008

So far I've managed to catch the first two debates.  The VP debate wins hands down as being the most entertaining.
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Sep · 23 · 2008

Do you hear the whining?  Do you want cheese with that whine?  We better get something more than paper cups with the whine we're all paying dearly for.  The financial bailout is 100% PURE BULL SH*T!!!  Anyone over 40 should remember the early 1980's and what a REAL economic crisis looked like (if you don't look it up).  Not this phony greed propagated, worse-than-poor business decision financial failure.  This is part congress, a huge part SEC, a huge part financial institution greed.  It's bad enough they've foreclosed thousands of mortgages they improperly sold, cheating who knows how many middle income working class people out of their hard earned equity in their homes, but now they're getting rewarded for it by this criminal bailout.  Do you believe the CEO's and chairman of the SEC will lose any of their loot?  We're all familiar with the insane CEO buyouts during the past decade.  Get ready to see many more once the bailout money is in the bank.

Citizens of the United States, any of us would go to prison for this type of action.  We cannot allow this to happen.  We MUST finally band together for something.  For THIS.  We must contact all of our congress people and demand they not only stand firm against this greed rewarding bailout but to insist on criminal charges being filed against the masterminds of this entire crisis.

Visit this site  and learn!

Then PLEASE, sign this petition


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Sep · 15 · 2008

Woke up this morning to BIG news in the financial arena.
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Sep · 05 · 2008

I have this indescribable love/hate relationship with politics.  It mostly sickens me.  Yet I can't at times shut up about it.  I suppose that's driven largely by the sickening factor.  Today it's partly due to a fear factor.
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May · 06 · 2008

Finally!  The primary's have arrived in Indiana and not a moment too soon.
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