Jun · 27 · 2019

Way back… I decided to move tech and political posts to other sites/blogs.  Well, in the interest of time, mostly lack of it, and some other ideas I have in mind, politics has moved back here.  Don’t expect a lot of them, maybe now and then, but while I have a lot of opinions on politics, I don’t have time or really anything different to say about it than others are saying.  Tech stuff and web development is still elsewhere (tech.creed3.com) and I have written more there than anywhere else in the past few years.  I’m going to attempt to post more often here too.  So FWIW, there ya have it.

Feb · 28 · 2015

A few more changes = inching closer to the final product.  Or at least what will be the final product for the time being. more »

Feb · 03 · 2015

… are all being moved to @tech.  There are also new posts now and more to come!  Check it out.

Feb · 01 · 2015

As I previously mentioned, there is a change in direction coming to the cyclops blog.  It will take place in stages, the first of which is happening today.

BIG Announcement…
All tech articles are being removed from here to a new tech focused blog: @tech.  I plan to write more tech articles in the future (including a new one written a couple of days ago) and if you’re coming here to read those you’ll want to change your bookmark NOW.  The new blog is launched today, and the removal of all tech articles from this blog to follow in the very near future. OH- and all music related articles have also moved to the new blog. more »

Jul · 21 · 2014

Or rather A direction.  Sort of.
New Directions
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reading and learning about things lately. In 8 years of this blog I’ve tried dabbling in several areas from sharing free stuff to cars to tech to politics to faith to movie reviews.  Posts have been rather sporadic at best especially in the last few years.  I’ve concluded it’s a result of my main problem which also affects my music direction.  I enjoy and have an interest in entirely too many things.  So many that it’s nearly impossible to decide which direction to go.  I’m going to try to remedy this, at least to a small degree, here on cyclops. more »

Dec · 29 · 2013

I now have links in each post for sharing on social media (aka Facebook, Google+, Twitter).  The design and number of services supported may change over time but the main sites will be there.  Please use them to share any posts you find interesting.  Thanks!

May · 30 · 2009

Finally getting the templates in shape and working.  There will continue to be some adjustments but over all it’s pretty close.  Comments are now working again.  I find WP is much easier to use for just simple blogging and I like that.

May · 18 · 2009

After over a year of using Joomla as the underpinnings for the cyclops blog I’ve decided to change to using WordPress. more »

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