It only takes two ingredients to make your own peanut butter:

1. Peanuts

2. Food Processor

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Nov · 21 · 2021

I’m still kicking.  With the end of summer the garden has been put to sleep which is going to allow more time for other things like music!  It’s been a busy summer for a lot of reasons.  Even though it’s a terrible time to be needing a vehicle we found one we could easily afford, a 2010 Ford Explorer.  It’s the last year of this body style, one of my all time fav vehicles, and I’m very happy to have it.  Other much needed things were accomplished as well.
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Dec · 19 · 2015

Christmas is nearly upon us.  I grew up loving the holiday.  The lights, television specials, the anticipation, and especially the music.  A special time with family and friends. more »

Nov · 26 · 2015

Thanks!Giving thanks.  We say it, especially in this U.S. nationally recognized holiday of doing so.  But what does it mean?  Really mean?

I’ve been pondering this often this week.
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Oct · 02 · 2015

Moving is also fraught with innumerable possibilities for things to go wrong.  The upside is it’s also survivable.  As is brain surgery.  I’m not sure that brain surgery isn’t FAR easier though. more »

Sep · 07 · 2015

Most humans hate change.  If you’ve ever had a cat you may have noticed they don’t like change either.  Yet there are times when change is necessary.  Required.  And there are seasons in life where change is like a rhinoceros stampede and all you can do is run like mad to stay in front of it. more »

Jan · 06 · 2014

11.4 inches of snow yesterday + 30-40mph winds last night + actual temps below -10 = snow day.  Here’s a couple of pics out the back door.  Beautiful!  Even if it did take nearly 2 hours to thaw out and de-ice the cars.

01-05-2014 Snow

01-05-2014 Snow

Dec · 17 · 2009

Indianapolis Monument Circle

Christmas music, lights, movies, shows, specials, trees, goodies.  It’s all around us now.

That joyous time of year when children wait anxiously for the bounty of their dreams.  When the average person smiles a little more, feels a little happier, gives a little more.

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