Oct · 26 · 2009

Did you notice the sunrise this morning?  No?  I’m sure you’re not alone.  And that is a real shame.
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Sep · 02 · 2009

If you’ve spent any time in church, you’ve probably heard something about him.  A guy living in the wilderness eating locusts, preaching, and baptizing people.
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Aug · 04 · 2009

People like to think they don’t.  Of course the popular notion is that there is no God, “Supreme Being”, etc.  But I know better.  The evidence is all around if you want to see it.
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May · 28 · 2009

Yesterday I observed one of my dear friends say a final goodbye to his mother.  This comes while the mother of my beautiful daughter has been waging a difficult battle to remain among us for over a month now. more »

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