Oct · 12 · 2013
A tale of facing mortality and second chances from being blessed by GOD

Most trials and difficulties in life aren’t really brain surgery.  Once in a while, it really is.

Modern Miracles, what a mouthful, right?  What do those two words evoke when you see or hear them?  In this day often our thoughts move directly to technology, especially related to micro evolution that surrounds us.  One thing that comes to mind is a recent development of tiny robotic machines that could one day traverse our veins and spy on health issues.  Dare we imagine?  How about a cure for cancer, or AIDs or other such plagues against our bodies?  How about just eliminating the common cold as we nearly have smallpox?  That one I’d like to see. more »

Sep · 16 · 2009

Well, who’s to say?  I suppose GOD could be the only possible judge of that, but… I am SO stoked we that we will be doing Revelation Song this Sunday!  While we have a great deal fewer people on our worship team my prayer is that GOD will take our efforts and make it as moving and beautiful as the performance in this video.  And that I can keep dry eyes long enough to finish it.

Jul · 27 · 2007

What follows is from Joel Osteen's email newsletter.  What he discusses here, has been one of the most difficult things for me to come to grips with in my life.
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Jul · 07 · 2007

Joel and so many others seem to be speaking to me lately…
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