May · 26 · 2007

I was wandering through CVS next door a couple of weeks ago.  They generally have the best prices on adult beverages than most other places and so I will often take a quick pass through that section when I'm in there just to glance at sale prices. On this day they had just reduced the price of several mid-priced wines to $1.50 or less per bottle! So, I selected a few I hadn't heard of to try. In this test lot was an awesome find!

 The brand name is Talus, or rather, Talus Collection, from California. This was a bottle of Merlot. The first thing that struck me about it is that this wine does not have the typical, slight, after bite so-to-speak that many do. It's VERY smooth, and has a wonderful, full flavor. Of course Merlot tends to be a drier wine and so it won't be for everyone. But the next time your looking for a great red wine I highly recommend the Talus Merlot.

Oh, and that $1.50 price?  It seems to normally run somewhere in the $6 range per bottle.

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