Jan · 07 · 2009

You just have to keep your eyes open to them.

Some are great, some are small.  I find I typically like the small most of all  🙂

Yesterday I received 2.  Both were unexpected and not huge, at least to the gifter, but make my little world of existence much nicer.

The first was a good friend of mine at work, gave me a 2 channel digital to analog converter for recording music into a Mac computer, something I'd actually been pricing the last few months as I'm hoping to convert the mountains of cassette tapes (remember those?) to digital and scale back on the amount of 'stuff' I have.  Though he doesn't grasp the entirety of the timing of it, his gift, brand new and still in the shrink wrap, came at the perfect time.  Thank you so much Phil!

The second, was a discovery on freecycle.  I love freecycle.  It's an email group you sign up to and you can request things you may need or give away things you no longer need.  Nothing is sold, it's all free.  Anyway I've participated in it for about 4 years now, giving and receiving about equally.  I've been searching for a nice used coffee table now for over a year.  Can't afford a new one at this point, but willing to pay for something decent as long as it fits what I'd like to have (something in the mission or arts and crafts style).  No luck.  But yesterday, up came a Target brand mission style coffee table on freecycle.  I jumped on it faster than Velociraptor chasing down it's next child shaped meal.  I was second in line.  But as luck (?) would have it, scored the catch, and it's perfect for what I need today, with yet again perfect timing.

Now to be a blessing to someone in return.

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