Aug · 04 · 2009

People like to think they don’t.  Of course the popular notion is that there is no God, “Supreme Being”, etc.  But I know better.  The evidence is all around if you want to see it.

This isn’t really intended to be an article on apologetics, as if that topic could be adequately addressed in a mere article (ummm… it can’t!).  Yet I fail to understand those around me, some from a background of faith, who today say it’s not even possible there could be a Designer of all we experience.  I can’t imagine living that way.  Seeing everything that exists or happens and wholeheartedly believing it’s just purely by accident.  When was the last time a massive collection of random parts (bolts, sheets of steel, iron blocks, plates of glass, etc.) accidentally assembled themselves into an automobile?  If that were possible, we wouldn’t have salvage yards, as eventually all these random parts from various wrecks would “find” each other and “align themselves” to build a new car.  OH- but it hasn’t been long enough has it?  After billions of years of sitting in a salvage yard then it would surely happen, right?  I mean look at the odds.  It would eventually happen yes?  I seriously don’t think so!  However, if a group of people who knew what they were doing went in there and started working and engineering what they find it could happen in a week or two.

Billions of years randomly vs. one week with intelligence and oversight and labor.  Hmmmmm…

But, this is a flawed example because parts in a salvage yard have already been engineered to a point, and simply need to be re-engineered.  So we’d really need to gather just the raw materials and toss them in a pile and see what happens.  Iron ore, crude oil, sand, that sort of thing.  After a billion years we’d have a nice shiny new car.  Right.

Let’s call this group of people “accidentalists”.  Their faith in nothing is far greater than my faith in a Creator because to honestly believe that random atoms and bits of material can come together and organize themselves into the amazingly complex (and still beyond our full understanding) human body requires a belief in miracles well beyond any concept of rational thought.

God gave us a brain to think with and to enjoy His creation, not to rationalize all sorts of reasons why He doesn’t exist.

This whole thought process started when I received most excellent news from a buddy from high school.  He told me some time ago about how his niece of 18 was facing certain death from a rather aggressive from of leukemia and asked me to pray for her.  This morning I get the news that she has no signs of it at all today!  Now the “accidentalists” would have you believe the natural course of accidental things all came together with the help of chemistry to cure her from a fatal disease.  Sure, that makes sense.  But it didn’t take billions of years though.  Good thing too as I’m certain she couldn’t have survived that kind of wait.  Or, but maybe it did.  We could theorize that throughout all these billions of years, the chemicals that were formed and man dug out of the ground, and then decided to inject into others, would somehow cure disease.  That’s it!  The solutions to all of the ailments the billion-year-organized-atoms-organic-life-forms would suffer also formed at the same time.  How convenient.  How miraculous!

I realize this could go on and on and maybe I have the beginnings of something more than just a post in a blog, but I must stop here and summarize.  Just as I know my brother was miraculously healed from his fatal 4th stage liver based lymphoma 5 years ago, my friend’s niece has also been miraculously healed from leukemia this year.  Both saved by a loving God.

Praise God for miracles today!

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