Feb · 28 · 2015

A few more changes = inching closer to the final product.  Or at least what will be the final product for the time being.

You’ll notice some ‘missing’ posts and categories.  They’re actually still there, only hidden, until I can get the appropriate redirects working for these posts.  Also how about that new and improved eye?!

What’s missing?

All tech posts as I posted nearly a month ago are now at tech.creed3.com and going forward will remain there.  I’ve added several new posts there in the past month so if you’re interested in the tech posts please go check that out.

Music related posts are also there as well, but I’ve reconsidered that and will keep those here.  I’m also keeping posts on my personal perspective on faith, and the movie reviews here as well.  The movies reviews have seemed popular and maybe I’ll add new reviews now and then as I am inspired.

All political related posts are all moving to a new site: ChurchorState.com.  This site is going to have a very focused purpose, as the tag line says “Examining faith and the two controlling powers on the earth”.  Yes there will be some faith related posts here (obviously) but less from a personal perspective and more of a research or clinical point of view.

The dormancy on this blog in the past month has been in launching and writing for the new sites.  As things settle down I’ll be putting more here.  I’m contemplating another band.  Right now it’s all talk and a lot of thinking.  We’ll see where it goes.

That’s it for now.

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