Apr · 25 · 2007

I need a button to wear now!

Apparently they were short today so they were unwilling to let anyone go until all juries were seated. I was questioned for one trial and turned away. It was a drunk driving trial. And no, I didn't wear my Homer Simpson shirt this time. What I wasn't prepared for was being there, in the courtroom, and the mind-numbing reality that I will be there again in a few short weeks, and why. It brought back that whole night, and was a reminder of the uncertain future that stands before me. It was really hard to be there today.

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from the mind of Debbie G.
April 24, 2007 at 2:09 pm

Congrats on surviving jury duty (and on getting through the morning… I know it was unexpectedly stressful for you).

I was curious after we talked about why some people get called frequently and others (like me) never do. This is from the Marion County jury pool website…


6. How did you get my name?

* The law allows the use of many different sources.
* Currently Marion County is using voter’s registration, Indiana driver’s licenses and State IDs.
* While being a Marion County voter or driver is not a qualification for being a juror, those are the sources from which names are chosen.

7. Why are some people summoned several times and others are never chosen?

* Because of the random selection process, some names are selected every year or so, and some never are.

So… just revoking your voter registration won’t help. :-p

I couldn’t find anything similar for Hamilton County, but I’m guessing they use similar info for their jury rolls… I guess I’ve just been lucky!

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