Mar · 10 · 2010

I mean more than bgv (background vocals).  Yeah, I really am truly thankful that I can not only hear harmonies easily but can usually sing them on key too.  There are so many who wish they could do that much.  Some postulate that it takes a better ear to do that.  I don’t know for sure, but it is fun and I’m grateful I can do it without thinking about it for the most part.  But, the greedy nature of my humanity wants more.

Not to be a broken record (for those of you under 35 I’m sorry you don’t understand the reference), but I love the movie Once.  I’ve watched it several times during the past week.  Sometimes it’s playing and I’m doing other things, but the music, the dialogue, it’s with me.

Those who know me know I’m primarily an electric player, and more towards the aggressive/rock/metal/blues side of things.  Yet I love all sorts of music.  I’ve especially discovered an affinity for acoustic or piano stuff the last few years.  Once absolutely plays into that.  Primarily acoustic guitar based, but it has some of the progressions from rock, yet it’s melancholy at the same time.  It’s not overtly complex like some of the music I love to listen to, and Glen is not what you might call an amazingly gifted vocalist, but he has this bluesy tone, that is just really good.

You see, someone who can do bgv and can blend their voice to the lead, doesn’t have to have a really great tone to their voice.  That’s my voice.  I can blend it with others and can honestly say it sounds pretty good.  But I don’t have a nice tone for lead, or solo vocals.  Like Glen.

I have always loved to sing.  No matter what instrument I was playing any given day.  No matter what style of music was “it” for me any given day.  I always return to singing.  I love it.  But I simply was not blessed with the tone to do it.  Now and then someone might ask why I don’t do an acoustic singing thing.  Well honestly I would love to, and I would.  If it wasn’t for this… voice.

I am truly blessed to be able to do what I do.  To have the ear I do.  But there are days… I would love to be able to just walk into a small coffeehouse somewhere with my acoustic, sit on a stool and play and sing some songs.  I sure hope the guys that can do this realize how much more blessed they are than some of us who would love to be able to do that.

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