Dec · 16 · 2007

"Oh the weather outside is frightful … let it snow, let it snow, let it snow."

snow!I love it.  I simply love it.

I don't know if it's because of the few years we lived in Michigan.  Or because of some deep seated desire to cling to the excitement of childhood.  Or perhaps just the simple romantic dwelling inside me.  But I do love it.  I'm admittedly one of the oddballs who looks back on the infamous Blizzard of 78 with great fondness, often wishing we could have another just like it.  It's exhilarating.

For many, possibly more than will openly admit it, there's a certain beauty, and oh yes, excitement, that accompanies the first snow of the season.  While this is not the first snow, the effect still catches me.  It's almost magical.  It changes people.  It hints of Christmas, joy, happiness.  Sure, many of us have had our moments of hating it for struggling to get to work through a myriad of accidents and slide-offs.  Yet I encourage you to pause for a moment.  This is one of those "stop and smell the roses" moments that we continue to be blessed with in the harried lives we thrust upon ourselves.  Take a deep breath of frozen air.  Smell how clean the air is.  Listen, and notice the hush that encompasses all while snow is falling.  Feel the sensation of chill and dampness as flakes land on your warm cheeks.  Take in the full experience of it.  It's excitement filled with peace.  It's a blanket of cleansing.  A freshness.  It's beautiful.

It's also amazing, as we've come from sweltering, dry and dusty heat to the freshness of frozen bits of water blanketing the countryside, in a mere 4-5 months.  We all need to pause for a moment now and then, and notice the miraculous environment we live in.  Enjoy it.  Experience it.  Revel in it.  For this is one of the many elements that make life worth living.

My only regret and deep sense of sadness about this wonderful moment is in not having someone to share it with.  To walk through the swirling flakes with.  To curl up with under a blanket, in a warm home, sharing some coffee or cocoa and enjoy the magic happening outside.  This is the romantic in me.  If you have such a someone, please, don't miss the opportunity to include this warmth in your day with the magic of the snowfall.  And then count those blessings.

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