Jun · 17 · 2009

Yes, I’m a little late in watching this one.  Have wanted to see it for years but kept forgetting.  Steven Spielberg at his finest.

I like this movie.  It’s disturbing and creepy at times.  Has plenty of sci-fi elements yet remains somehow very believable in spite of the subject matter, child robots that you adopt and they imprint on you, and you could hardly tell it’s not a child.  Of course it really is a child, Haley Joel Osment, portraying the boy-bot, but for the sake of the story, it’s done so well you almost lose track of it.  The film also stars William Hurt and Jude Law among others.  The special effects are fantastic, the directing is flawless of course, as is the acting.

The most amazing thing to me is that while watching it the over all feel of the movie seemed familiar, and I finally decided it reminded me of the same feel as 2001, one of my all times favs.  Only while watching the special feature material did I learn this started out as a Stanley Kubrick (mister 2001) film, which he and Spielberg collaborated on and only after Kubrick passed away was the film actually made.  To be this is a testimony to Spielberg’s brilliance behind the camera as he captured the essence of Kubrick’s style completely.

If you haven’t seen this and like sci-fi, watch it.  You won’t be disappointed.

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