Oct · 28 · 2007

Yeah, this is an old movie, released in 1998, but is one of those that just doesn't seem to get old.

In fact, in light of modern day 2007 issues, post 9-11 and Patriot Act, this film is becoming more frighteningly real that amusingly entertaining.  For all we government outsiders know, perhaps the technology portrayed in this movie existed in 1998.  Or maybe it was still on the drawing board.  Today however, not only do we know it exists, but we know certain government entities are becoming miffed when told they can't use it at their discretion.  Frighteningly real.

Enemy of the State is one of those conspiracy buff top 10 choices.  It's everything you ever feared your government could or might be doing.  Every word uttered is heard.  Every action recorded. All of this is purely fictional here… or at least it's not necessarily based on something that really happened.

Will Smith gives a decent performance as the main character/lawyer caught up quite unsuspecting, in a huge government spy/murder conspiracy.  He plays more to the serious topic of the movie than to his smart alec nature as in many films he's done.  Gene Hackman though, is almost downright scary as the former CIA wacko who is playing the spy game against his former employer.

If you enjoy a good conspiracy flick, especially one that seems to tie in with what little we actually know is going on in the U.S. today, with some good shot-'em-up and blow-things-up action, then you shouldn't pass this one by.


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