Nov · 13 · 2007

No, Snoopy isn't in this film, but it is a great story about other WWI flying aces and their humanity.

Yes, another war movie.  Of course there are some battle scenes, obviously most of them are among the clouds.  It's based on a true account of a few american boys who were struggling to find themselves here in the states.  WWI had just started and the US wasn't involved yet.  The French were utilizing this new technology of flying as part of their war effort and were recruiting anyone who thought they might like to try it.  So these lads, who had never met until reaching the training base in France, all left home for something that sounded exciting.

Yes, this is a movie about a war, but this is far more than a war movie.  It's more about people, who happened to be involved in this war.  It's about struggles, love, fear, self sacrifice, heros, and overcoming your own sense of limitation.  It's about life.  It just took place during a war.  This is an enjoyable and engaging movie to watch.  You really find yourself pulled into it, cheering on the unlikely heros.  The story is so good in fact that probably within 20-30 minutes you manage to get past the less-than-stellar computer graphics that comprise nearly 100% of the flying sequences.  Yes it would have been considerably more costly to attempt to film real planes in a dog fight, but one would think they could have spent a little more of their savings on some more refined CG.

Weak CG notwithstanding, this is a very good movie, about life.

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