Feb · 19 · 2009

This is a 2007 film that hadn't caught my attention until I saw it on a store shelf one slow weekend.

This is NOT a movie young children should see.  But if you have children, and have ever felt like those who cruelly abuse children should just be shot, this is a movie for you.  It's not overly violent until a few graphic shots at the end, but the subject matter, the kidnapping of a small girl whose mother is a self absorbed drug and alcohol addict, is disturbing.  Even more disturbing and equally surprising is where this story goes as it unfolds.

This movie was directed by Ben Affleck who also shares the screenwriting credit, and he did a great job.  It features a stellar cast including brother Casey Affleck along with veterans Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris, John Ashton, and Amy Madigan.  Gone Baby Gone was also nominated for an Oscar, which had also somehow escaped me but after watching can understand why.

If you don't easy get upset by a disturbing movie and not bothered by the subject, this is a good one to see.

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