Oct · 20 · 2009

Here’s another catch-up film for me.  Unlike most of the others I can’t remember ever hearing about this one and saw the trailer on a DVD for another movie.

Denzel Washington is another favorite actor for me.  If he’s in a movie it’s almost guaranteed to be good and I can assure you I’ll see it.  Man On Fire (2004) is no exception.  It’s a bit out of the ordinary for Denzel but he pulls it off superbly.  He’s a former agent/hit man hired to be the body guard of a young girl (played wonderfully by Dakota Fanning).  He’s intent on the “relationship” being just business, but in time she steals his heart.  And then she’s kidnapped at which point he goes for revenge.  In all honesty, the word “revenge” is probably too nice for what he seeks.  As he hunts down each person who played any part in her abduction he exacts a vicious punishment.  This is not one for the kids, and while not ultra graphic, may bother some who are a bit timid.  You may find yourself feeling a bit disturbed in the satisfaction you yourself feel as punishment is doled out.  It’s a good watch.

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