Jul · 30 · 2007

This movie is cute and entertaining to be certain. But more importantly it delivers a wonderful message or two in an engaging way.

Billy Bob Thornton is Charles Farmer, a man with a dream. Since his Air Force pilot days and a failed attempt to get into NASA he's dreamed of riding a rocket into space. So he does what any man with a dream would do and builds his own. Financial and engineering problems notwithstanding, the way it's presented is quite believable. You even find yourself rooting for him. And in spite of a rushed failure he gets back up and tries again.  

I'm thinking every kid between the age of say 10 to 15 needs to watch this! I choose that age range because they still have a certain amount of innocence and will still listen to something because they don't yet know everything. Also, this is time when dreams are born isn't it? Anyway, this is a must see by anyone with a dream, especially children. In spite of every government agency's attempt to stop him, public opinion, personal problems, Charles Farmer never loses sight of his dream. This is a hugely inspirational message.

Not only does he hold fast to his dream, but his wife, played by Virginia Madsen, and his 3 children, all support and share in his dream. In spite of the appearance of how crazy the idea is, his wife stands firmly behind him, clearly loving him and supporting him. It's a wonderful display of a close knit family that supports each other completely. Something this era seems to have largely lost.

While I've never been a Billy Bob Thornton fan, his acting in this movie is great. And Virginia Madsen was the perfect choice to support him. The filming is done very well with spectacular scenery, shots, and lighting. And best of all, there's no nudity, no foul language, no guns and murders and death. It's just a good, old fashioned movie that makes you feel good and gives you hope.

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