Dec · 11 · 2008

This is a new movie based on Thomas Kinkade's painting The Christmas Cottage and features an impressive cast.

This is a new entry into the feel-good Christmas moviedom.  I like all Christmas movies whether comedy or not and was particularly anxious to see this one as I've also enjoyed some of Kinkade's work.  It's a little reminiscent of the Waltons from the standpoint of having a periodic voice-over of Kinkade telling this tale from his youth.  It's a nice story about hope that takes place in a town of very quirky people.  There are a few moments it tries a little too hard to be heartwarming, and suffers a bit from the townspeople quirkiness being a little overdone.

Staring Jared Padalecki as a young Thomas Kinkade, this movie has an all-star cast featuring Marcia Gay Harden, Peter O'Toole, Geoffrey Lewis (one of those actors who's been in everything), Chris Elliott, Richard Moll (perhaps best known as Bull from TV's Night Court), Charlotte Rae (perhaps best known from playing Edna Garrett in the TV series The Facts Of Life), and Edward Asner.  wow!  In spite of this cast the acting is generally good but less than the stellar you might expect.  The filming was done well with some nice shots throughout.

It's a nice movie, worth a watch, but won't become an annual Christmas classic.

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