Feb · 03 · 2009

I won't belabor this as possibly most everyone has seen it already.

The special effects were very good and what I expected.  The car is simply very cool and didn't get enough screen time, although the escape motorcycle was also very cool.

I think Christian Bale was excellent in the Batman role, coming in second behind Michael Keaton in the long line of actors who have played the part.  It was nice to see Morgan Freeman return, one of my all time fav actors.  And Michael Caine makes a very good Alfred.  I'd like to see this trio reprise these roles in the future.

The casting was perfect for this film, including the late Heath Ledger as the Joker, playing it perhaps equally as well as Jack Nicholson did in the first movie.  As to the speculation that getting into the role a little too heavily leading Heath to his untimely demise, I feel that's perhaps more about using this brilliant young actor's death to get more people into the theaters to see the "film that killed him".  Yes the role was sinister and evil, but we've seen far worse in moviedom and the actors playing those roles are still among us.  Perhaps it was a final straw for him among many other problems, we will never, and shouldn't know.  But I cannot believe this role alone drove him where he went.

Great movie.  If you haven't seen it yet and like the genre, rent it.

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