Aug · 30 · 2008

The premise: a young man inherits almost nothing from his father except for membership in a southern secret society founded during the Civil War.  And it turns out to be more than meets the eye.

Me being the Civil War buff that I am thought this was a cool idea, tying modern day into that time period.  So I grabbed this and ran.  Well, the story is exactly that, and well written too.  But like the main character in the film I got more than I bargained for.  This is surprisingly a modern story of great faith and prayer.  For me as a person of faith, it was a wonderful surprise that was completely unexpected.  It suffers from a few technical shortcomings, most are hardly noticeable.  The directing seems well done and the acting is very good.  Most of the lead characters I don't recognize except for Malcolm McDowell.  Also Will Patton, possibly best remembered as the tyrant leader in the Kevin Costner movie The Postman, also has a small part in it.  The movie itself won't win any awards I'm sorry to say but the story, the script, I'm left somewhat speechless.  I didn't realize where it was going until nearly the end.  It's a great story and well worth renting.

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