Mar · 19 · 2008

Catching up on movie reviews.  This movie is part of my catching up on movies I've always meant to watch but never have.

This stars Tommy Lee Jones.  I've always like him and so tend to generally like most of what he does, even the silly stuff.  Here, he plays a man who years early left his family to join an Indian tribe and basically "convert'.  The movie picks up with him finding his daughter and her children out in the old west, just as Indians raid their home and steal the children.  So being a convert he ends up tracking them as an Indian would.  This was a decent movie, worth watching.  I think had anyone else been in the main role it might not have been as good.  He plays the part well, even looking like an Indian with the long hair they had on him.  So much so it makes me wonder about his heritage.

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