May · 31 · 2009

This film opens with a message that it’s entirely based on truth.  Interesting.

I’m somewhat of a sucker for war movies.  Not sure why, but maybe it’s just a guy thing.  Something about the struggle to win and live and help your wounded buddy.  Anyway, here’s a new war movie.  You learn that it’s an account of the last known of something like 15 attempts by the German people themselves to assassinate Hilter.  While watching it I kept wondering why these events have never made it into the history books.  Why hadn’t I heard of this sort of thing before, with the German army taking control of the SS following a bomb blast in the room Hilter was in at the time.  Fascinating.

It’s the latest flick to feature Tom Cuise in the lead.  When I first saw a trailer for this I thought “No, not Tom.  How could he possibly play a serious war role?”  But, after all, it is a war movie so I’d have to watch it.  Well, it had to be the magnificent supporting cast and great directing.  This is a good film.  And while I don’t care for much that mister Cruise has done, he is convincing in this role.

If you enjoy war movies as I do, especially those that are based on some particular event, this is well worth a watch.

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