Aug · 01 · 2008

Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, Matthew Fox, Sigourney Weaver and William Hurt to name the BIG names among many other very talented actors… WOW!

Vantage Point was released this year and has recently moved out of the theaters and into your neighborhood video rental store.  Did you see it?  Have you even heard of it?  No and no for me.  If not for allowing the trailers to play on a recent rental I may have glanced past this one on the shelves in the rental store.  Well in case you're in that same boat I have one word for you… DON'T!  In fact don't even wait until you're thinking of renting a movie and just go get this one now.

This movie gets my vote easily for best of the year.  I don't care what comes after it in the remaining months of 2008.  Yes there are some actors I gravitate towards anything they're in and it just so happens that several of them are in this film.  I like Dennis Quaid even in the movies he's done that are not so good.  But he is awesome in this.  Forest Whitaker is brilliant.  Matthew Fox is unbelievably believable (watch it and you'll understand).

So what's it about?  I hesitate to say too much in case you've not seen it.  On the surface it looks like your basic the U.S. President gets shot, there's a conspiracy, the hero FBI guy gets the job done and saves the day.  Is that it?  No way.  This movies reminds me of that children's game, "telephone".  You remember.  Several form a circle.  One person starts by whispering something to the person next to them.  That person repeats the same thing to the next person, etc.  When the last person has heard the phrase you compare them and laugh at how different they are.  Well this movie is about 15 minutes of time.  But from the perspective of 8 different people who lived those 15 minutes.  It's about human percpetion.  How each of us can experience the same thing yet see it differently.  And with that I'm saying no more.

Great acting, great directing, a great story.  I watched it twice and this one will end up in my collection.  Don't miss it!

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