Jan · 10 · 2021

For years, possibly a decade, I’ve been saying we should all stop buying from Amazon.  Why?  Today there’s a better reason than ever before.  YOUR livelihood.

In the year 2020, the year of covid, the year all small private businesses had to close to keep us all safe, ONLY the giant superstores were allowed to operate.  Yes off course Walmart is pronbably the largest however there’s one that has eclipsed them all.  Amazon.  During 2020 while many lost their jobs, their shops, their ability to earn a living, Amazon broke all records with sales and profits unimaginable.  Their employees were not just allowed, but forced to work in environments we were all told would surely give us all covid and half of us would die, so they could keep selling to those of us locked at home.  Everything that makes this country what it was, was sacrificed on the altar of Amazon.  Now why do you suppose that is?

Because they are in bed with not just the US government, but those around the world.  In fact some of the most egregious lock downs and usurpation of civil rights took place in countries that are sleeping with the enemy.  Amazon provides web services through the AWS brand to the US, the UK, Japan, and to Australia.  I’m sure there are many others.  They provide web services to the CIA and US DOD among other agencies.  They also provide web services for Netflix, the source of entertainment for everyone locked inside their homes. Also to Yelp, Dow Jones, Pfizer, and many others, including the exploding Parler social platform, that is until midnight tonight when they pull the plug on them in a seditious act coordinated with Twitter, Facebook, Google and Apple in an attempt to silence the conservative voices in the US, especially that of Donald Trump who was moving there.

Maybe you applaud the silencing of these voices.  What happens when it’s your voice one day?  When Netflix is turned off on you because they “violated” some ridiculous terms of service recently changed to make sure they violate it?  What if the US DOD loses their critical infrastructure in the middle of combat because Amazon doesn’t agree with the conflict?  Do we really want one company having that much power?

Every dollar you give them helps their control over everything continue.  Find a new supplier.  You can, it’s easy.  I did several years ago and have never looked back.

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