Jul · 26 · 2009

Ever.  Unless you enjoy the taste of the word because God has a funny way of making you eat this particular word.

I will NEVER … again!”  We’ve all said it.  Sometimes we may be right.  Sometimes we should be right.  Sometimes we speak out of anger or frustration towards a thing we are passionate about.  And it’s at that moment especially when the word has no purpose in our mouth.
In this instance I refer to a personal moment when roughly 8 years ago I uttered those words in reference to being a member on a church worship team.  Yes a recent as a year ago I played in a praise band but not attached to a congregation and somehow that wasn’t the same.  The typical church politics weren’t involved.  Or at first I thought they weren’t.  At any rate, this week, specifically today, I once again find myself as a member of a church worship team.  And I am glad for and blessed by it.  I don’t yet see any semblance of the church politics that often leaves such a foul oder in my nostrils and that is a good thing as well.  So, as Stones Crye prepares to once again walk out onto a stage, I also turn another page wielding a guitar.  There must be some purpose in all of this that I cannot yet see.  So be it.

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