Jun · 11 · 2007

I decided to add a new category… Cars & Such. Not that I'm a huge car freak, but there are a few odds and ends I see related to cars that I find interesting. So to kick off the new category I'm going to ramble a bit about my fav, the Mustang!

nice horseyAnyone that's known me for a while knows I love Mustangs.  Owned 2, have hoped to one day, maybe, have another. But alas the price of gas, not to mention the automobile is the biggest contributor to the greenhouse effect we're faced with fixing, I fear my days behind the wheel of a Mustang may be over. But, I still love 'em. And so with that, here's a few interesting links about the current world of this awesome car.

enjoy  🙂

A peek at the unofficial 2008 Bullitt Mustang [ok – I want THIS ONE]

A secret Mustang GT-Plus

One lucky guy's story of a weekend with a new GT including a huge gallery of pics.

A peek at the new Shelby Super Snake GT500

A special GT500 project car

WOW – a chopped top 2008 Shelby GT [well… maybe I want this one instead, but in black]

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