Jul · 21 · 2014

Or rather A direction.  Sort of.
New Directions
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reading and learning about things lately. In 8 years of this blog I’ve tried dabbling in several areas from sharing free stuff to cars to tech to politics to faith to movie reviews.  Posts have been rather sporadic at best especially in the last few years.  I’ve concluded it’s a result of my main problem which also affects my music direction.  I enjoy and have an interest in entirely too many things.  So many that it’s nearly impossible to decide which direction to go.  I’m going to try to remedy this, at least to a small degree, here on cyclops.

First off, I’ll still write now and then on tech things.  Maybe even some music things.  But the bulk is going to focus on the state of what’s going on around us.  Odd as it may seem, this will be a mix of faith and politics as I see or discover it.  To be blunt, I don’t have many answers, but I do have a lot of questions and have been doing a great deal of searching and discovery in an attempt to satisfy those questions.  Some relates to the horrid state of the United States today.  Some relates to the gross neglect and failure of the church today.  Interestingly I’ve found these two are related with their paths crossing constantly.  I can’t and won’t attempt to summarize all of this now as it won’t do any of it justice.  It’s going to have to slowly unveil and come in to focus over time as discovery has been for me.  I’ll try to be more regular with posts and will also be sharing all of my sources for your consideration.

I started using Twitter a while back and linked those feeds to the quick hits sidebar which will be devoted to the same sort of random, quick thoughts that don’t relate to anything in particular.

Please stay tuned and give me feedback.  Post your views on what I share in the coming weeks and months.  Let’s have a conversation.

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