Sep · 25 · 2007

While I prefer to focus on unusual things, or my perception of life and society, which I suppose could be argued as quite aptly fitting in with the unusual, life for each of us is still a personal adventure, and so at this moment I choose to wax a little on a personal note.

Today, at 6:48 am, my last living grandparent passed from this existence.  There's no room here, much less time, to expound upon what she may have passed to, but her time among us is finished.  It's personally somewhat bittersweet.  As a child I enjoyed going to visit them, but as an adult her many personal demons plagued, if not downright ruined, any relationship we had.  I wish however to not focus on the negative no matter how prevalent.

She came out of the hills of Kentucky, married at 15 (if I remeber correctly) and starting a family immediately with the birth of my mother.  Life was beyond hard as my grandfather only worked odd jobs where ever he could find them.  It was only later in life when he found their fortune working for Allison, a GM plant in Indianapolis.  Keeping food on the table for their growing children was at times a daily struggle.  Raising four children is taxing enough.  Keeping them clothed being another struggle.  But they managed.  Partly, if not mostly, due to the fact that in spite of her own troubles, she was very strong.  Determined.  With a strong will.  I believe she liked to laugh, but the struggle of daily living left her almost avoiding happiness, which is very sad.  Today however, her troubles and pain are all behind her.  Whereever she is I'm hoping that now she can finally embrace happiness and laughter, that she can know peace in her soul, and enjoy a long, hard earned, rest.

We will miss you.

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