Mar · 27 · 2019

It occurred to me the other day, that I haven’t posted in quite a while.  Aside from the numerous problems that don’t seem to ever have an end, there’s not a lot to write about.  No one wants to read about my issues.  We ALL have issues.  Some times the sea is smooth like glass.  Other times it’s angry and violent.  We all are adrift on that same sea, merely in different locations.  So with that said… let’s proceed with politics, music, faith…


I have no great insight on the political turmoil presently afoot other than I’m a die hard staunch conservative with all the old fashioned values that go along with that.  I LOATHE socialism and am saddened that today’s youth has never been taught how destructive that ideology is, and how only those in power win and live comfortably.  If they had, why would they be embracing it?  I miss the country I grew up in.  There at least seemed to be fewer idiots doing less damage at a much slower pace.


That old axiom of “use it or lose it” applies ever so greatly with music.  I seem to be able to play now, or at least I believe I can do so without great injury to my left wrist at this point.  It seems as recovered as it will get I suppose.  I just am lacking the inspiration to play.  Those moments I do, in short spurts, not only does the immediate realization hit me that my callouses are all but gone, but I’m stiff, and slow, and get frustrated by not being able to pick back up where I stopped.  Sigh.  I want a reason to play.  My spirit is screaming for me to play.

I have been making some good strides in converting hundreds of hours of recorded bands I’ve been in, in to a digital format AND posting it online to a private, invitation only web site.  It’s mostly for my former band mates.  If we played together contact me for access to it.  If I haven’t offered it to you yet, it’s because it’s still pretty early in the process and I am waiting for the day I have a lot more to offer/  Anyway….


Many of you know I have been on a personal walk with GOD and Christ for quite a long time.  That “walk” has often been peppered with  l o n g  periods of sitting still and resting, I’m sorry to say.  But I have been walking again, starting slowly a couple of years ago when we were enjoying our small group for a time.  Here lately it’s approaching a “jog”.  In what be a surprise or shock to learn (but not to everyone) the more I study and learn the more I am realizing I’ve been lied to many times over the years.  The lie, I’m fairly certain, was unintentional, and dates back to around 30-31 AD when Rome took control of the church.  Our faith, and the practice thereof was hijacked quite extensively.  I’m learning the early church looked a lot more like Jewish practices than what we have today.  With this revelation I am faced with the quandary of do I abandon all that I’ve known, all that’s comfortable, to abruptly begin walking down a very narrow path that few embrace or even are aware of?  If you love GOD and Christ, once the truth is revealed, how can you not?

It’s entirely too much to get in to right now, but I do plan to spell out what I’ve discovered in future writing.  At this point I’m still learning and it’s as though I’ve been awakened to salvation all over again.  It’s all different, and demands a lifestyle change completely unlike what I undertook nearly 3 decades ago now.

And So

Some things change.  Some remain the same.  One thing I have learned is the older you get, life doesn’t get any easier.  It just changes.  The problems are different now, but no less difficult or challenging.  Hindsight starts to become your enemy if you look back very often and for too long.  The eyes grow dim yet things seem clearer.  It’s just all very weird.

Peace be with you.

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