May · 19 · 2015

As the phrase goes “all things must come to an end”.

I have come to the conclusion it is time to let go of some of my music gear.  Mostly that which I have used for playing the “big” venues such as large, outdoor stages or large rooms.  This is not to say I won’t be playing again, or in a band of some sort.  Yet as I approach 55 I am forced to accept some realities.

  1. I seriously doubt I will ever play a large venue like that again, or need to move that much air again.  Oh sure it “could” happen, but it’s not very likely.  And if it did, with the current technology not only in guitar gear but also sound systems, my smaller amps can be miked and sound very big as required.
  2. I never did like all the heavy lifted associated with playing in bands but it was just something you did to do what you do.  I don’t want to do that any more.  It wasn’t hard then.  It’s getting difficult now.  Not to mention my 2-12 amps are plenty of weight to lug around.
  3. I have too much stuff that takes up too much space that I’m not using and haven’t used for several years.  The solution to that is obvious.

What brought this about is the prospect of moving from one home to another.  That process alone is daunting and usually requires, or rather demands, getting rid of some things.

I have been very reluctant to letting these things go for quite some time.  Faced with moving, and how much stuff I have to move, I began to question why am I hanging on to these things?

  1. The first honest answer is memories.  This gear was part of the best music times of my life.  While the bands are long gone I still had a few bits of the gear that was involved.
  2. Another reason is “I always loved how that sounded”.  It’s true.  And I still do.  Oh boy do I STILL love the sound after testing it before selling.  This is killing me to let it go, however I’m not using it now and not in the foreseeable future.  So While I love the way it sounds, I’m no longer hearing the sound.  It’s not even practical for playing at home.  So there it sits.
  3. Lastly, I’ve had a lot gear over the years that I’ve sold and later regretted it.  This is the MOST difficult reason to get past.  There is one guitar and one amp I would like to have back today.  But the number of things I regret selling is far far fewer than what I don’t regret.

None of these reasons justify keeping things.  In fact it’s possible no longer seeing them sitting there mocking me will be a relief, or give me some sense of much needed peace.

What are they?  Mostly my “big rig” things.  My treasured Peavey Sheffield 4-12 cabinet that has more muscle than most cars.  My ADA MP-1 tube preamp and MIDI foot controller that screams, and screams, and is a highly sought after guitar preamp even now, so many years after they went out of business.  Maybe a large rack that used to house everything, we’ll see about that one, more because I might use it for studio stuff.

So far it’s not a lot that’s destined to go, but in my mind and my heart and my memories it really is a lot.  Parting is truly sweet sorrow.  But I’ve come to believe in this case, a needed separation and move forward.

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