Sep · 26 · 2009

Stones Crye 2009
The hours of rehearsing.  Endlessly playing the same 8 bars of a song over and over to get it just right.  All paid off today!  Stones Crye played it’s first show in 11 years today.

It was a shared bill and we only had a 30 minute slot, but we really came out like a sledgehammer.  New friends were so very complimentary.  Fans from 11 years ago could not believe… “you sounded as though your last was just 2 weeks ago”.  The energy level is a bit less today, and the aches after even a 30 minute show are more than they used to be, but it’s still there.
Stones Crye 2009
We still have it.  And it feels good!
Stones Crye 2009
Next month, a double bill in Ohio with “Outer Sanctum”, one of the bands we played with today.  That will be an hour show.  No doubt the aches will be greater.  But it feels good to be back.  Very good.

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