Nov · 15 · 2007

Normally I prefer to just write my own highly opinionated rants in this forum but this seems too good not to share.

I subscribe to numerous email newsletters and this showed up in my inbox today.  This article is meant to be a sort of litmus test you rate your friends against.  But it seems to me to be a good reminder of not what to look for in a friend but rather what each of us needs to keep in mind in being a friend to someone else.

This is an excerpt from an email newsletter from Bottom Line Secrets, a publication of Boardroom Inc.  Read the full article here.  There are also links there to subscribe to their newsletters.

A good friend is someone who…

1. Makes time. Whether you're in the midst of a crisis or slogging through the mundane, a friend will have time for you.

2. Keeps a secret. Trust allows you to feel emotionally safe, share feelings and explore and understand what may be bothering you.

3. Cares deeply. The ability to enter your world and feel your pain is a cornerstone of friendship.

4. Provides space. Friends will give you time alone and are there when you need them.

5. Speaks the truth. This person asks the questions you want to ignore and helps you face reality.

6. Forgives faults. Everyone has faults. A friend knows you and likes you anyway!

7. Remains faithful. You will not be deserted during bad times.

8. Laughs easily. We all enjoy the company of people who share our sense of humor.  

9. Celebrates your success. Ideally, there's no jealousy, resentment or destructive competition between friends.

10. Connects strongly. Whether it's bridge, books or real estate, friends share common interests.


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