Jan · 25 · 2012

With the demise of the church I was heavily involved with on the worship team, I find myself at a loss.  Hmmmmm.

So, the band known as Stones Crye crumbled early last year, yet I still was busy playing every week on the worship team.  Not the same of course, but it was a musical outlet and kept my fingers in shape.  Now that is no longer a part of life I feel the loss in many ways.

I really miss playing all the time.  Oh sure, I can and some times do play at home, but after spending years playing in bands, playing by myself to CDs just doesn’t have the luster or keep my interest.  In short, it’s boring.  I do still partake because I’m wired for it and need it.  However it’s just not the same.

While I’m focused on the people part of this equation, I must mention the loss of my dear friends who were my church family.  Okay, so we still email, maybe an occasional phone call, and we’re even getting together for a pitch-in, but it’s not the same.  We’re not seeing each other several times a week.  Not kidding each other, not struggling to make things work in the face of countless odds.  No longer do we share the trenches together.  And I really miss that, and them.

Then there’s the aspect of church shopping.  There are a LOT of churches out there.  All varieties of depth in teaching from barely getting a drop of water on your toe to in over your head.  There’s no loss in variety of music styles and performance in worship either.  And while the focus has to be on sound and deep teaching, the music I must admit, plays a part for me.  I find myself being terribly distracted by what’s good, or what’s not, what I would do differently, and more.  To the point where I find I’m not worshiping at all.  This is just not good.

I ran across this devotion the other day and it really seems to sum up a lot of my own thoughts and beliefs on it.  Thank God For Music

I have been invited to join a worship team already.  They saw me coming, and had heard me play before.  They don’t have an electric player and could certainly pick up the intensity a bit in their worship efforts if they had one.  I believe there was sincerity in the invitation, yet it seemed so much as I was a piece of meat to a man who hadn’t eaten in years.  There seemed little concern over me as an individual, just all about getting what they want.  I’m pretty well convinced it wasn’t meant that way.  But…

So, I pray, and seek God’s leading.  I know without a doubt that I was created with music in my blood.  And I’m certain it’s to serve Him.  I have to believe something is around the corner along those lines.  Meanwhile, I must be patient.

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