Aug · 24 · 2007

Here we go again… more changes.  🙂  Hopefully, always for the better.

Over a period of time I've been looking at a lot of different software for running sites like this.  I suppose this is primarily a blog, which is the software I've been using up to this point.  However it's not been the easiest to use from several standpoints.  SO after using a CMS (Content Management System) called Joomla  on another site, I've decided I prefer it to what I have been using.  At the moment however, it's not blog software from the perspective of allowing people to comment, which of course I like and want.  So I'm exploring options for plugins that will at least allow for commenting.  I suppose it's even possible that by the time I go live with this "new system" that I will already have found something to allow for this.  I'd like to think that this will be my last migration to a different software as in order to maintain legacy it all has to be converted from one system to another manually, which as more content finds it's way posted here, becomes quite the time consuming endeavor.

I've also  decided to drop some content categories that simply weren't being used, and rearrange others into something that I hope makes a little more sense.  With this I've also opted to drop the word "blog" from the site name as it didn't seem to apply  to the whole concept of what I'd like to do with this, which is still part blog and commentary, but also a place to post articles or papers I write and I'm hoping to find a nice links directory plugin to add so I can share some of the goodies I find in my own perusal of the web.

Additionally,  as you have most likely discovered, I changed the domain name slightly to better reflect, umm, well, the whole one-eye idea.  🙂  If I could get I'd do that but alas it's already taken.  I'm open to suggestions though.

So, I have plans for this site.  Hopefully it will remain, or even become more interesting with time. 

Thanks for reading!


 PS – news flash!  Got a comments section working now.

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