Dec · 02 · 2007

How many chapters does this book have anyway?

We met yesterday, four good friends Eric & his wife Veronica, Chuck and Andy) and myself, to discuss a new beginning.  I've played in bands with these guys before, but not all together in the same band.  However, we're not forming a new band.  No.  We're be drafted into a new band.  Soon after beginning to share the things in our minds, we discovered ALL of us have been thinking the same thing independent of each other (except maybe Chuck & Andy who as father and son, talk all the time about such things).  It would seem this band was formed months ago and we're just now finding out.  We also agreed that another old friend, Bonnie, will be invited (or maybe she was part of this all along as well) to play keys.

What are we doing?  Well, the idea is an old one that's been discussed numerous times, but it would seem we are all i n positions to do it now.  A "travelling" praise and worship band.  The concept is to play youth/church functions for who ever.  To be able to offer, to small churches, a full praise band for a Sunday morning service.  It could be for special services or to test the idea before attempting to start their own band.

Assuming Bonnie accepts, the starting line-up will be

  • Eric Phillippe:  vocals (worship leader), acoustic guitar
  • Bonnie Lohrman: keys, and perhaps background vocals (bgv)
  • Chuck Billingsly: bass, and perhaps bgv
  • Andy Billingsly: drums
  • me (the eye): guitars, bgv

We have the added advantage of Chuck and myself playing multiple instruments if necessary.  I'm guessing early rehearsals may reveal the need for 1-3 additional players, but for now this will get us started.  Not sure when rehearsals will begin.  It mostly depends on me getting my chops back.

The name is one Eric has used for a couple of years for a praise band project, The Encounter.

More as it happens…


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from the mind of Jayne McRae
December 2, 2007 at 9:52 am

Wonderful idea! I’m sure you’ll be blessed as you touch others with your music 🙂

from the mind of April
December 2, 2007 at 3:30 pm

Very excited for you all!! I know all of those people (except maybe Bonnie) and you all have a great work ethic and Christian attitude to be able to take your idea to the forefront. I have no doubt that once people hear your group’s capabilities and message(s) that you yourselves will be ever-growing in your faith as well. Congratulations on the new horizon!!

from the mind of Dawn Bultman
December 3, 2007 at 10:24 am

Sounds great for all of you, especially you Scott :)!

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