Sep · 17 · 2007

There must be something wrong with me.  The older I get the more I find this lifestyle so very appealing

Here's a family in Texas  who because of their faith are raising their own food, plant and animal, on their farm.  Not only that but it's all organic (read natural and without chemicals) AND it's becoming a business as higher end restaurants are seeking out just such ingredients.  They started out doing what they felt God wanted, and it's becoming a blessing beyond eating healthy, for income.

In a related article, here's a guy living in New York  who decided to try living off only what he could raise in his backyard for one month.  Apparently this sort of thing is being labeled as locavore.  Hmmm… this is new to me.  Here I have always been under the delusion that way back that's what people did, raise their own food.  That was the norm.  It didn't require a label.  [oops-my eyes just rolled out of my head]

The more I live in the kaos of a big city, with all of the problems/noise/traffic/deadlines/etc. disguised as conveniences/technology/American dream/etc., the more I am so drawn to a life like this.  Yes it's unquestionably hard work.  But the inner and outer peace they must have can't be purchased at Mall-wart.  If I could afford to do it, to cut bait and head for the country, believe me, I would.


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