Sep · 16 · 2007

Yes, it is a children's movie, but adults of all ages will thoroughly enjoy it.

Bridge to Terabithia is what you might call a sleeper.

It doesn't have any superstar actors.  Perhaps the most recognizable is Robert Patrick who has one of those faces you've seen in "a thousand" movies but you can't quite remember any of them.  He's a good character actor who is typically cast as a hard guy, playing the main character's father here.  Fans of TV's The Unit will certainly recognize him.

It didn't seem to get much press or attention.  Do you remember a trailer or newspaper ad?

Don't let any of this deter you from renting it.  This is a wonderful movie about youth and dreams.  It's about that period in life when we all constantly use your imaginations more than perhaps any other sense.  It's about believing you can do anything.  In some ways it's almost like an introduction to the Astronaut Farmer from that perspective.  However this movie embraces fantasy, adventure, and weaves it into the fabric of daily life as only young teens can do.

Without getting into the heart of it, it's also a tragedy as daily life encroaches upon the dream.  It touches on human relationships, in and out of a family context, almost making you wonder whether those among us who weild the greatest sense of imagination, are also those who have the roughest time just getting through daily life.

This is a fun movie that will also make you cry.  All without the typical trappings of Hollywood filmdom such as explosions and death and nudity.  There are some very nice visual effects in this but even those seem to be very few.  This movie uses your mind.  And you'll be glad you saw it once the credits roll.

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from the mind of Debbie G.
September 17, 2007 at 12:37 am

How weird is that? Apparently we’re about the same amount behind on seeing movies. :roll I picked that one up at Blockbuster on Friday too. Of course, I promptly got too busy to actually watch it, so that’ll have to happen in the next few days!

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