Mar · 27 · 2019

It occurred to me the other day, that I haven’t posted in quite a while.  Aside from the numerous problems that don’t seem to ever have an end, there’s not a lot to write about.  No one wants to read about my issues.  We ALL have issues.  Some times the sea is smooth like glass.  Other times it’s angry and violent.  We all are adrift on that same sea, merely in different locations.  So with that said… let’s proceed with politics, music, faith…
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Yep, the title really is that long.  The movie is also fairly long clocking in at 2 hours and 40 minutes.  But let’s face it, to give this subject matter it’s due requires some time.  There have been many films made about Christ and this is not the longest.  Yet this is perhaps one of, if not the best. more »

Mar · 30 · 2015

I don’t know how I missed this 1995 murder mystery for so many years.  Based on a true story about what is probably the worst serial killer every known in recorded history.  It took place in the Soviet Union where such things were hidden as an embarrassment to the state.  It features a superb cast and stellar acting.  It’s a great movie if you get a chance to see it.  (IMDB)

Mar · 14 · 2015

Take Shelter = whoa!  “A storm is coming”.  I don’t know what to write on this that won’t give it away.  And giving it away would ruin the whoa factor.  The cinematography is great, CGI very good, and the acting is fantastic.  I didn’t know anyone in this and feel after watching that I’ve been missing out on some great actors.  The story draws you in completely.  You end up admiring the wife for how she deals with everything.  This is one of the best movies I’ve seen recently.  Very good!

Mar · 13 · 2015

Ever wonder why this day is so infamous and strikes fear in hearts of some?  It dates back to Oct. 13, 1307, which happened to be a Friday.  King Phillip IV of France and Pope Clement V colluded together and on that day arrested all of the Knights Templar’s throughout France charging them with heresy.  Many were tortured or killed.  The Templar’s were essentially done away with.  All because they had become more powerful and wealthy than the king, and subsequently were a threat to him.  It has nothing to do with bad luck.  So relax and enjoy the day.

Mar · 11 · 2015

This is the recent production done in 2013, in case there are others.  In a word – don’t waste your time.  Oh wait, that was four words.  Yeah, don’t waste your time.  The CG was terrible, although at first I decided it’s supposed to be some sort of dream like thing.  Just bad.  The acting was bad.  In fact I can’t find anything redeemable about it.  ‘Nuff time wasted on this one!

Jan · 09 · 2015

I’m not doing too many reviews any more, but since this one crosses over in to faith, which is something I hope and intend to write a lot on in the future, I decided to do a quick review on this.
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Jul · 30 · 2011

Quick excerpt… “There is only one God, and it’s not you.”
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