Jan · 09 · 2015

I’m not doing too many reviews any more, but since this one crosses over in to faith, which is something I hope and intend to write a lot on in the future, I decided to do a quick review on this.

I don’t know if there are other movies with this title, so to be clear, this is the recent release starring Russell Crowe.  I can sum it up pretty easily and quickly.  The CGI is very good and equals other movies such as X-Men or Star Trek for believability.  The acting is okay, not Russell Crowes’ best performance, and the supporting cast is okay.  Filming is generally good.  Overall it stands up to the last few years blockbusters.

However, the story is complete garbage.  The only resemblance to Scripture are the character names and the fact that GOD destroyed the world of corruption with a massive flood, and chose Noah and his family to save not only themselves but a male and female of all species to repopulate a cleansed earth.  Beyond that this is a complete fabrication that is not really based on anything other than making a movie with twists and turns, because the original story in Scripture was obviously not spectacular enough.  Believers who know the story will be greatly disappointed by the gross mis-telling of this incredible event.  This is the version of Noah and the flood that non-believers would love.  Yet, why would a non-believer bother to watch it?  It leaves me wondering who this film is aimed at.  Believers won’t like it.  Non-believers won’t bother.  Who’s left?

If you are a person of faith and haven’t seen this, don’t bother.  If you aren’t a person of faith and enjoy the over-the-top CGI movies, this one’s for you.  It bears little resemblance to Scripture and is right up there with all the latest blockbuster CGI movies Hollywood is cranking out these days.

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