Dec · 30 · 2014

Just quickly, in the world of CSS and visual web site presentation, I wonder how many designers are of an all-or-nothing mindset, meaning you abandon much of all HTML page layout and use only CSS.  I have tried countless times to take that approach only to discover you often you end up with a ridiculous amount of CSS due to the lack of uniform browser adoption (no thanks to the biggest offender Microsoft) to achieve what simple HTML has done in all browsers for years now.  A really good example is tables, which are straightforward and can be very complex in HTML, and can quickly become a nightmare in CSS.  Oh sure, there is a crude table option in CSS, but why go there when it’s not supported in all browsers and HTML is?  Thoughts?

Nov · 14 · 2014

iPhoneAfter spending hours getting this sorted out I thought I would present a few tips to the unsuspecting and less technically proficient.

YES!  The 2 year contract finally expired so the days of our bank account being held hostage to the tune of $156/month by AT&T is finally over.  Needless to say this rat jumped off that ship faster than the Titanic.

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Sep · 07 · 2014

. . .a long overdue update. . .

NO Facebook

If you’re paying attention you’ll recall in Dec. 2013 I discussed a few reasons for getting off of Facebook (‘fb’) and that I was seriously considering that it’s time to do so. Fast forward 10 months. With most everyone (that I know at least) involved with fb to some degree these days, the natural question might be “why?”.  I mean after all, who isn’t on fb these days?
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FirefoxIf you’re a Firefox user, you’ve no doubt noticed for some time now when you open a new tab you are greeted by a large set of 9 icons and links for some of the sites you visit most often.  You may also have noticed that they seem to change over time, but that you can ‘pin’ these icons in place, and even reorder them, so they don’t change. Many don’t like this and would prefer to get the blank tab back.  Those who do like it, me among them, might wonder where are these links stored and can I edit them?  I finally went looking and found the answer. more »

Mar · 18 · 2014

firewallWell, ‘saga’ may be over stating it a bit, but it was a day of frustration, which began with me just tweaking a few settings and installing some upgrades.  For the record, I’m running OS X 10.8.5.  The next day, after being online for perhaps an hour, I suddenly had no network connection.  After verifying that our connection was still live, a quick check of my network settings revealed an IP address that started with 169.  Okay, that’s simply wrong as our home network is 198. more »

Feb · 16 · 2014

iPhoneWhether your traveling is around where you live, around your state, or across the U.S., there are a few apps that can make life easier and your travel more pleasant.  As with all of these posts, this is far from a comprehensive list, but merely a glimpse at the apps on my phone.
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Feb · 09 · 2014

iPhone This will be a brief post as utilities is a rather small category.  I’m certain there are many utility apps for the iPhone but I just haven’t found too many ‘must haves’ that I can say I use and have some experience with.
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Dec · 28 · 2013

If you’re on Facebook (hereafter referred to as fb), and these days who isn’t, you’ve no doubt heard some rumblings about privacy. Or rather the loss of it.  Perhaps you’ve noticed how the site just seems to know everything about you, no matter where you go on the web.  Is this okay?
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