Nov · 14 · 2014

iPhoneAfter spending hours getting this sorted out I thought I would present a few tips to the unsuspecting and less technically proficient.

YES!  The 2 year contract finally expired so the days of our bank account being held hostage to the tune of $156/month by AT&T is finally over.  Needless to say this rat jumped off that ship faster than the Titanic.

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Feb · 16 · 2014

iPhoneWhether your traveling is around where you live, around your state, or across the U.S., there are a few apps that can make life easier and your travel more pleasant.  As with all of these posts, this is far from a comprehensive list, but merely a glimpse at the apps on my phone.
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Feb · 09 · 2014

iPhone This will be a brief post as utilities is a rather small category.  I’m certain there are many utility apps for the iPhone but I just haven’t found too many ‘must haves’ that I can say I use and have some experience with.
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Nov · 07 · 2013

There are thousands of iPhone apps to be discovered.  Yet the memory limits of the iPhone demand you be judicious in your selection of which apps to use.  Let’s look at some freebies that are quite useful! more »

Nov · 03 · 2013

Now for a long overdue word or two on apps.  I do like the apps.  Some are just silly and fun and some are quite useful little tools to have.  However, before going on an apps safari, let’s take a look at the built-in apps and get learn how to get them organized. more »

Mar · 03 · 2013

What do I like about it?  Keep in mind I have an iPhone 4, or is it a 4s, what ever it is it’s yesterday’s technology.  Why?  It was ‘free’.  Sure it was.  But, it came with the overpriced and terrible phone service, so why pay a few hundred dollars for the latest model to go with the terrible service?  Anyway, there are many things I do like about it.  Could I live without it?  Sure.  But I do like having it now that I do.   more »

Feb · 27 · 2013

So here we are a few months in to this thing.  The first thing I can say without question is that phone calls on the AT&T network suck!!  No seriously.   more »

Nov · 01 · 2012

iPhoneOr at least don’t say “I’ll never be interested in having that.”  Yes, it’s true, I have one now.  Not that I was really, honestly interested, but it just made sense given my current cell phone situation.  I must say I am happy to be able to sync contacts and calendars with my Mac and have them with me.  Also a few music apps I’ve found could be handy.  At this point I’m not going to set up twitter or facebook and possibly not even email access.  There is a limit to how connected I want to be.

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