Feb · 01 · 2015

As I previously mentioned, there is a change in direction coming to the cyclops blog.  It will take place in stages, the first of which is happening today.

BIG Announcement…
All tech articles are being removed from here to a new tech focused blog: @tech.  I plan to write more tech articles in the future (including a new one written a couple of days ago) and if you’re coming here to read those you’ll want to change your bookmark NOW.  The new blog is launched today, and the removal of all tech articles from this blog to follow in the very near future. OH- and all music related articles have also moved to the new blog.

I’ve had a lack of clear focus here on cyclops, bouncing around from one topic to another.  It’s been a mish-mash which I’ve decided to change, I’m certain for the better.

Other changes coming in the very near future:

  • No more movie reviews (existing posts will be removed)
  • No more articles on cars, home, leisure, or random other things (existing posts will be removed)
  • All categories of removed posts (including tech) will be removed
  • Another new blog with a new domain will be launched in the future with a dual focus: faith and politics, which will make more sense once you see the new format.  All faith and political posts will then be removed from here.
  • This blog and the domain cyclopsview.com may or may not go away depending on how everything else goes.

Stay tuned.

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