As I begin this post we are in the initial stages of this virus taking off here in the U.S.  Never before in my lifetime have I experienced such a thing as this which is causing the country to essentially close in every way.  The closest was 9-11, which severely impacted travel in this country, but only by air, and only for a short time.  Restaurants, bars, business, all remained open with the exception of that day and areas affected such as New York.  It did have the amazing affect of uniting us all.  This time however the political divide in this country is far too great for this most insidious and invisible enemy to accomplish that.  Worse yet the recommended “social distancing” is keeping those who can unite, apart.  This is arguably the biggest threat to this nation we’ve faced in quite some time and people are still unable to lay aside partisan political horse dung.  That is an exceptionally sad commentary on this society.

I first lay blame for this on Obama, the great divider.  No one divided this nation as effectively, and into small splintered special interest groups, as he was able to accomplish.  Add to his work, social media and facebook in particular.  During the time of dividing facebook gave us a platform where everyone has a voice and is free to make inflammatory and divisive statements without direct face-to-face confrontation and the inevitable accountability that typically would bring.  Today of course freedom of speech on facebook is filtered heavily, but it has made and still makes those who partake into “rock stars” (can you say narcissist), at least in their own minds.  Facebook also ushered in the beginning of a socially distant society where it’s now normal to have all of your special and close relationships through a computer platform and often never having met face-to-face.

Over the past 15+ years the social media platforms refined their code and figured out how to not only control what people are allowed to say, but also track their every move.  With the proliferation of mobile devices and GPS they now track not only your activity online, but also where you are and who you are with.  We saw this played out in the revolt in Hon Kong in 2019 where the government was tracking the dissenters.  The Israeli government just approved tracking people through their mobile devices to insure they are practicing “social distancing” and the U.S. government is contemplating the same thing as I write.

I also lay blame at the feet of the Trump administration.  I have come to believe they are not being honest with us.  I’ve personally witnessed Trump and Pence contradicting each other within hours.  I’ve heard Pence tell the public not to listen to Dr. Fauci of the NIH that only a few thousand rather than Fauci’s over a million will get the virus.  Where is the truth in these disparate messages from the same government?

Why the “inconsistency” (lies) is probably multifaceted.  I’d like to think Trump personally doesn’t want or intend to mislead us yet his hands are tied by a number of things.  The longer this goes however I’m beginning to doubt this and coming to believe he is part of the process that’s taking place.  I’m sure the upcoming election and how he could badly lose over this plays a part.  Yet, are Presidents elected or chosen?  I’m not prepared to go there at this time.  The economy, which will certainly crash, is a huge concern.  They tried to get everyone to continue spending and working but the disparate messages instead caused panic and everything is shutting down now anyway.  On the globalist side of things one could easily view the entire epidemic as a product of Agenda 21, in which case there would be pressure on Trump to play along.  Lastly, I’ll toss this out there.  The testing debacle that only the U.S. has experienced; was it a true shortage of tests; or was it a contrived shortage so the population would continue spreading the virus unchecked causing massive numbers of infection and thereby ultimately reduce the aging population so as to save social security and medicare from the coming insolvency thrust upon it with the baby boomer generation hitting 65?  What ever the reason, I believe we have not been told the truth.

I compose this with my eyes wide open.  I’ve heard all of the arguments from “it’s fake”, “it’s over blown”, “it’s yet another attempt to remove Trump”.  I’m not discounting the last two as possibilities, but the first one, sorry, it’s clearly a real threat.  Worse than the flu which threatens us all every year?  Depends on who you listen to.  It seems worse simply in it’s nature of being able to spread before those infected show symptoms, as long as 14 days (the stated incubation period), which is indeed a huge threat.  Hence the reasoning behind “social distancing”.  This is of course what we are being told by our government.  But other evidence is emerging that indicates that 14 day incubation period may be greatly exaggerated.  I’ve heard some people say for them it was 3-5 days.  Still a threat, but not as great.

The “social distancing” being practiced world wide at this moment “seems” to be vital to stopping the spread of this and saving as many lives as possible.  It’s not a stretch to believe this.  One only has to look back to the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.  Pandemics happen and isolation for a time is the best preventative.  Yet when viewed from the perspective of dividing society into tiny special interest groups that can’t force themselves to unite even for the good of the whole during a pandemic, “social distancing” could appear to be the next step in that progression.  Divide and conquer.  I suggest that perhaps in this instance, “social distancing” serves both causes.  The landscape changes hourly now.  What’s next is anyone’s guess.  Some are speculating marshal law before the end of March and the beginning of a new kind of militarized existence for the U.S.  But why only the U.S.?  Certainly heavy handed government controls rarely ever get rescinded and for that reason alone life in the U.S. has probably already forever changed.  Certainly the economy will collapse and probably usher in yet another depression.  We shall see in the coming weeks.

One final thought is the possibility that this is one of the many events of end time prophecy in Scripture.  Admittedly I believe this may also be the case, as we are getting ever so close, according to the Scriptural time line, to the end.

On a personal note, I am watching this very closely from all angles.  Not from panic, but for preparedness.  Out of concern for my older loved ones, and also I too am among the “vulnerable”.  Close enough to 60 to not matter.  More importantly I have a lung condition called asthma.  Historically every insignificant cold I get will land in my chest.  Flu season has always meant a little “social distancing” for me along with extra washing of hands.  So yes, I am paying close attention and have started practicing near extreme “social distancing”.  I’ve been canning news on the other side of the globe where it’s presently taking a huge toll on Europe.  I hope and pray for the best for everyone.  That our Creator YHWH will intercede and stop it, if it is His will of course.

In the mean time, being home and having time to do so, I’m going to start sharing links to information I’m finding.  Some good, some bad, hopefully a balance.  With the intention of, helping others protect themselves and their loved ones, and in the interest of sharing what seems to be truth as far as I can discern, at a time when truth is difficult to come by.  Look for a new post after this one very soon.

Stay safe my friends.

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