It only takes two ingredients to make your own peanut butter:

1. Peanuts

2. Food Processor

No kidding!

I’m a firm believer in most of our health problems are from our diet.  Starting with the two biggest poisons in American processed foods: seed oils and sugar.  It’s the second one that has had me reading labels closely lately after getting test results showing my blood sugar, which has always been almost too low, is now almost too high.  It would seem I’ve become victim to that slow moving train of insulin resistance.  One of the primary sources of that?  Sugars in EVERYTHING.  There’s tons of info on this online so I’ll not repeat it here.  But this has me reading labels carefully again and what did I find on peanut butter but sugar and seed oils!  Why?!?!  There’s no excuse for it.  I’ve been buying the ever so expensive “all natural” peanut butter for a little while but you have to look at those with a critical eye as well and many contain other things besides just peanuts.  Shelf life is probably one driver for that.  But with a little time you can make your own all natural peanut butter yourself.

Buy some peanuts.  Get the non-salted plain variety for best results.  We are going for pure peanut butter after all and those tasty honey roasted types are covered with all sorts of nasty things!

Get out that food processor you may not use much.

Pour in the peanuts and process.  It takes about 5 minutes, at least with my processor set on 1 of 5.  It goes from bits to powder to a dough ball like clump and finely to a silky smooth near liquid puree.

It’s like magic!  Except it’s not.  And the taste?  Fantastic!  You won’t miss those seed oils and sugars and what ever else they put in it.  Now you just need a container.  I’ve washed and saved an old peanut butter jar just for the occasion.  Also, no need to refrigerate.  There’s nothing there except peanuts.  It may not keep for a year or more but it never lasts long enough around here to find out.

Now what are you waiting for?  Start processing!

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