Nov · 21 · 2021

I’m still kicking.  With the end of summer the garden has been put to sleep which is going to allow more time for other things like music!  It’s been a busy summer for a lot of reasons.  Even though it’s a terrible time to be needing a vehicle we found one we could easily afford, a 2010 Ford Explorer.  It’s the last year of this body style, one of my all time fav vehicles, and I’m very happy to have it.  Other much needed things were accomplished as well.

Music has been part of the summer’s busyness.  My previous update spilled the beans on my buddy John Stewart and I working on a project together.  The band has been christened S H P (Stewart Hampton Project).  Pretty clever huh?  For the time being, and possibly for the duration, it is just the two of us in this band.  We’re writing new material all the time and have somewhere around 6-12 songs in various stages of completion, all as demo recordings in Reaper.  Much of the work has been remote (thank you technology!) but we have been together a few times for full day brain storming and writing.  We’ve set no particular musical style or limitations and the result is somewhat of a mash up of every style we’ve ever played.  In addition we’re trying to really stretch ourselves not only as writers but also players and plunge into some new musical territory with the assistance of virtual instruments.  We’re both playing guitars, bass, keys and drum programming.  Once the songs are written and demos complete we hope to re-record everything for an eventual release, hopefully with a few guest performers.  With any luck we’ll recruit some backing players and play out now and then too.

Hope you’re all healthy and well.

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